Wednesday, January 04, 2006


She said...

Well, it's been a couple of weeks, I think, since I posted anything to the ttasot. Things were looking better with a guy I was dating but that backfired QUICKLY. Poof - over. Just like that. Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde syndrome, big time. No loss, especially after I found his profile on See, Jackson and I and another friend went to a party on NYE. We met an engaged couple that actually met through the site. I am fascinated by internet dating. I don't know why I find it so intriguing, but I do. So, I decided to create a sign-in name so I could check out all of the Houston guys, and lo and behold, who should appear?? The funny thing is that he lied about 90% of his profile. The description of himself - athletic and fit. Couldn't be further from the truth. His breasts are easily larger than mine and I'm not small. Fit? Ok, whatever. So, knowing what I know about this guy and then reading his profile, makes me think that he's either a) delusional, b) insane, or c) a big, fat liar. Whether a, b, or c, it's still not looking good. And, he listed "erotica" as a turn on and is planning to run for office in the near future. Moronic. I mean I'm not a political advisor, but come on!!

You should be forced to have someone else write your profile, a true friend who will tell the TRUTH. Also, if you do not know how to spell, you shouldn't be allowed to even create a profile. Who misspells "museum?" That's not a tough one. I'm rambling now... ok, back to internet dating.

About six months ago I took the eharmony test after lunching with another engaged couple who met via the internet. After taking the agonizingly long exam, I was told I was "unmatchable." Only 2% of the people who take the test receive this result. Great, I thought. My last option as a single gal, not even an option!!! Apparently I didn't fit into a specific personality category.

So, is it possible for normal people to meet other normal people on these sites?? A college roommate did and she's still married. I'm not. My ex-boyfriend did it for a while before we met, and I think he's normal. Ok, maybe not. He's the one that makes clothes for his cat. But, do I just have the wrong attitude? I may actually try just to write about the experience. Who knows, maybe I'll meet my soul mate.

And, goofyforjesus is the best profile name I've seen to date. Gotta love it!!


Anonymous goofyforjesus said...

I totally agree...GoofyforJesus is the best online name. It's been mine for about 5 years. hahaha!

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